Homepage Takeover

Designed a takeover of our AIR MILES website home page to help collectors better understand the updated structure of our site.

project overview

One of my first projects when joining AIR MILES was to create a temporary homepage takeover design. I utilized existing components to help collectors navigate through an update to the structure of the site. Our team had designed a brand new site experience and wanted to ease users into the transition using educational pieces and quick links to frequent tasks. Although originally intended to be a temporary experience, in the end a couple items that I designed, such as the quick links, have become mainstays on the homepage.

requirements gathering

I started by meeting with our large group of stakeholders to hold a working session. This helped us determine how to strategically group content on the homepage takeover. I used the information gathered in this session to prioritize the hierarchy of content.


Originally, the quick links I designed were intended to be a temporary feature that helped collectors quickly achieve their tasks as they came to an unfamiliar version of the site. However, our user testing quickly revealed that this component offered incredible value to our collectors. A version of these quick links can still be seen on our homepage to this day.

future StRATEGY

I am currently working within the UX team to shape the future of our homepage and set up a strategy to further engage and assist collectors in earning MILES. I are working closely with our marketing teams, product owners, and brand team to breathe more life into the homepage, setting up an ever changing and more personalized version of the screen that better serve collectors.